Performance Reignited Masterclass

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Performance Reignited Masterclass

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This 8-week long course is engineered to help top performers who’ve found themselves in a slump, or are experiencing burnout, get back to the top of their game. I walk you through a powerful and proven system that will help you reconnect with what’s most important, while recalibrating your personal performance.

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For many months I’ve been crafting this online masterclass based on years of experience with the subject matter. Having personally wound up tired, weary, and burned out on a number of occasions in the past, I knew this was an important topic to address.

Especially since breaking out of the cycle and coming out more powerful than ever before felt incredible. Equally important was putting a sustainable system in place to stay on top of my game and minimize any future dips in my personal performance and fulfillment.

I’ve worked with so many clients over the years who were in the same position. Some were flat tuckered out – they were “business owners,” but had businesses that were running them instead of the other way around. And they were over it.

Others were athletes – some of them very well-known, elite-level performers. But despite their superhuman feats, were still humans at the end of the day. They were over it, too; where once they had a passion for the work, they were finding it increasingly difficult to do something as simple as wake up and train.

Other clients had stressful roles as executives that had them constantly on edge, exhausted, and it ultimately led to losing their grip on their closest personal relationships. And that… sucks.

You know what the best part has always been for me? Watching those same clients have their fire reignited, break through, and experiencing plenty of fulfillment along the way. It took guts for them to really dig in and make important changes, but they also found the process invigorating.

They came out the other side renewed. They felt like they finally had breathing room again. They were stronger, and often came out far better off than if they had never hit burnout in the first place. And they knew the systems we put in place together would keep them on the right track in the future.

That’s exactly what I want for you.

Here’s some of what we’re going to work on:

1.     We’ll start by prepping and positioning you to make a powerful comeback. We’ll find the spark that lights the fire of commitment to propel you forward and maximize your results from this masterclass.

2.     Next, we’re going to help you gain clarity about the direction you need to move. We’ll examine what got you to this point, and nail down the truth of what’s most important as you move forward, so that you build everything on a rock-solid foundation.

3.     This is where we begin implementing some powerful practices to help you renew. Being consistently clear-headed and refreshed is largely within your control. Instead of waiting around, hoping for it to show up, I help you proactively create this mindspace on a daily basis.

4.     Now we begin dialing in your physical health to promote the kind of vitality you’re going to need to power and sustain your performance. Helping you find new ways to make strategic investments in your health will result in yielding more of your most cherished commodity: time.

5.     We’ll focus on re-connecting you in the personal relationship most crucial to your comeback. Despite the fact that it may have slipped over time, you’ll find, once again, the renewed empowerment and rekindled passion that creates stable footing as you climb to your summit.

6.     The next step is deploying an efficient and powerful planning process that kicks overwhelm to the curb. You’ll learn the exact system I use with my one-on-one coaching clients to create outstanding results without any unnecessary friction.

7.     Understanding how to structure a methodical approach to your ambitions positions you to actually get to where you want to go. Together, we’ll identify the objectives you want to tackle next, and embark on most practical paths to get you there.

8.     Now we’ll coalesce the components of the masterclass together into a single cohesive, connected system. You’ll be introduced to a ready-made process, and begin tracking and evaluating your personal performance data. You’ll find it to be simple, yet powerful, for fueling your personal performance and satisfaction well into the future.

Any one of these areas can create powerful shifts in your personal life, business, career, and athletic pursuits. Bringing all of these elements together in the right sequence is what makes the system so dynamic.

There will likely be a couple key areas that really hit home for you, so that’s where we’ll focus most of our attention as you move through the course.


Here’s how it will work…

Each week, we’ll focus on one of these areas by releasing a new video training. There are also worksheets you’ll utilize to immediately begin implementing the material. We’ll also have a live, weekly group check-in session online with Q&A to help you dial things in even tighter.

With this being the inaugural Performance Reignited masterclass, I want to make sure we get to work as closely as possible. I’m also offering the course at a one-time-only rate for you and others in this first group (the next groups are going to go for at least $2500 – I haven’t decided exact figures yet). What I’d ask in return for the inaugural rate is for you to give me feedback about the course, and a testimonial afterward if you love the results you got out of it.

The total investment is $1997 (or 2 payments of $999)… but for right now I just need to know if you can join us and I’ll get you all the details.


Here’s how to get started…

Just add the course to your cart, and after you process payment, I’ll send you a separate email to the address you provided with info on a bonus I’m going to throw in for you.


Talk soon!

- Brian

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