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Brian's journey of helping people create transformational change in their lives began at the age of 14. As a result of experiencing significant emotional pain throughout childhood, a desire was kindled to understand the human psyche and uncover the keys to unlocking a person's inner power. It was, in reality, the genesis of Bergford Performance Systems and Brian's passion for developing strategies people could use to not only turn affliction into triumph, but also break through personal barriers, create superior relationships, and maximize their potential. He has always been inspired by people who represent the pinnacle of human performance. Whether it's a professional athlete, business person, an artist, or a parent, he believes that true masters in any field are rare and priceless — and that everyone has within themselves the keys to personal greatness. Brian works with those rare individuals who possess the requisite desire and willingness to bring it out.

Brian earned his degree in Psychology from the University of Colorado, taking particular interest in neuroscience, psycho-pathology, clinical psychology, and the principles of peak performance. His studies continued well beyond his university education as he, to this very day, attends seminars, has an insatiable appetite for reading, and studies tremendous communicators, leaders, coaches, athletes, and enterprising high-performers to support his continually evolving strategies for human development. 

Great athletes have always inspired Brian. By the time he reached college he was a Certified Fitness Trainer, and did an internship with the Speed-Strength and Conditioning program at the University of Colorado. He primarily worked with the football team and loved the attitude, tenacity, and grit shared by those who truly excelled at their sport. It was right in line with his passion for being around people who excelled in athletics, and is the same reason he's still so inspired by the mindset and superhuman power of elite athletes. 

Despite a debilitating phobia of the water since early childhood, Brian eventually decided enough was enough and tackled his fear head-on by taking up swimming at the age of 30. He took swimming lessons, joined a Masters program, and a little less than 5 years later had qualified in 4 events and was competing at the United States Masters Swimming National Championships. He continues to compete at a local and national level and has qualified for — but has yet to make the trek to — the Masters World Championships.

As an entrepreneur who has built multiple successful businesses himself, Brian specializes in working with other business owners, top executives, and CEOs who are also competitive athletes. His program, The CEO Athlete, is all about "Maximizing Performance in the Business of Life."

Brian’s journey as an athlete and entrepreneur was recently featured in SWIMMER magazine

Brian’s journey as an athlete and entrepreneur was recently featured in SWIMMER magazine

Just a few short years after graduating from college, Brian's love for another creature — none other than "man's best friend" — and his knack for training and behavioral rehabilitation led to a career in dog behavior. Brian is a Certified Dog Trainer (IACP-CDT) with extensive experience as a practicing dog behavior specialist. He is Vice President, and serves on the Board of Directors for the International Association of Canine Professionals and is the owner of Altitude Dog Training and Uptown Dog in Longmont, Colorado. 

His expertise of the interplay between dog behavior and human psychology gave rise to his first book, Transformational Dog Training: Bring Out the Best in Your Dog by Bringing Out the Best in Yourself, which emphasized the critical relationship between personal development and the behavioral stability of companion animals. Brian has also written articles published in professional journals in addition to presenting as a featured speaker at international conferences on dog training and personal performance and development.

After 10+ years of speaking on and teaching people how to help their faithful companions experience greater fulfillment and balance, Brian wanted to offer people a more focused
and direct coaching experience to actualize those same qualities in their own lives.

Forged from his commitment to continue inspiring transformational change through mobilizing people's most powerful inner resources, Brian developed Bergford Performance Systems to broaden his reach and impact a wider audience. Bergford Performance Systems offers compelling speaking services and unique coaching applications designed to strategically elicit breakthroughs and peak performance. These services are built specifically for organizations and individuals who refuse to settle for anything less than they are capable of becoming. Taking decisive action is the hallmark of greatness, so click below to learn more about our services and get started!