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What are individuals and organizations really after? Ultimately they are pursuing the same goals in different contexts. People want their lives to reflect greater:

  • Vitality

  • Security

  • Prosperity

  • Productivity and efficiency

  • Meaningful connection with others

  • Impact and the opportunity to make a substantial contribution

As a business owner, I know that companies — despite the fact that the specific language and applications may vary — are pursuing the exact same aims. The question then becomes one of alignment. How do leaders develop a dynamic within their organization that creates superior engagement through the fusion of personal and company objectives? I believe that regardless of the path taken to arrive at that coveted point, the answer ultimately boils down to the individual. Happy, engaged, driven, caring and conscientious people lead to a company culture that sustains outstanding productivity and supports the larger mission. As a Peak Performance Specialist, I can help accelerate that process. So...

Let's go!

Click on the video below for a sample of a talk I gave on "Harnessing The Power of Drive". Having an extensive background in training dogs as well as coaching people, it's an example of how creatively combining principles that cross even the boundaries of species can lead to new and deeper insights. 

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Why hire Brian as your next Speaker? Because he can help generate the momentum and enduring change you are looking to create! His ability to connect with people and inspire authenticity and shifts in perspective is what really sets him apart. Brian is a business owner who understands what it takes to lead and grow an organization. He is also an accomplished dog trainer and behavior rehabilitation specialist whose work with animals and their people has been transforming lives for years. And as an athlete competing on a national level in a sport that literally used to terrify him, he understands what it takes to create an unstoppable mindset. If there is one thing his background in psychology has taught him, it's that the mind is the most powerful tool people can — and must — leverage to consistently perform at their very best. When the proper mix of technical knowledge, inspiration, internal drive, purpose and resolve is all brought together, what people can achieve is truly remarkable — some might even say "impossible."

Please note that Brian's talks are built according to organizational objectives, so each presentation is tailored, but here is a list of some popular topics:

  • Transforming Adversity into Power No company, organization, or individual is immune from hardships, upsets, and disappointments. When challenging, or downright disruptive, situations show up, how we show up is everything. It is the difference between being crushed by outer conditions or breaking through to greater heights than ever before. For companies and individuals alike, navigating adversity is a critical skill. But to build it requires a certain mindset — a specific psychology. Like any other muscle it can, and must, be built by those who would weather the storm and come out the other side victorious. In this keynote, Brian discusses preparing for the storms that will inevitably come, what to do when they (often unexpectedly) arrive, and how to transmute their force into something that actually empowers us.

  • The Power of Mentorship There's a big difference between teaching and mentorship, and while both are important, mentorship has a level of impact unique unto itself. When we are mentoring others, or being mentored ourselves, the relational component is emphasized and leads to more comprehensive mastery of a subject. While teaching focuses on intellectual understanding, mentorship — when done properly — goes much deeper, creating an integrated understanding of a particular craft that incorporates the material into a person's mind, body, and entire being. In this talk, Brian shows how to inspire the very best in people through utilizing the power of mentorship — an essential training for anyone in a leadership position or those aspiring to be truly great leaders!

  • Communication Skills: Panacea or Pandora's Box There's just no getting around it: poor communication is disastrous. Plain and simple. Disastrous for companies, relationships, and each of us as individuals. Most shortcomings can be compensated for... but not this one. The upshot is that great communication is one of the only things in the world that can make any situation better. It also allows us, our relationships, and our companies to thrive, and the best news is that it can be taught and learned. But in order to harness its powers we must clarify and understand the objectives and motivations of others, ourselves, and how to adapt our communication styles to fit the situation. In this talk, Brian helps unlock the door to outstanding results by making great communication the benchmark within your organization.

  • Lessons in Excellence from... our Dogs Brian's experience as a Dog Behavior Specialist and Peak Performance Coach is a unique combination that makes this talk insightful and refreshing. And it's not just for people who have dogs at home — It is for anyone who is intrigued by animal behavior and what it can teach us about our own nature. There are fascinating intricacies in the ways dogs learn, grow, develop, and are motivated. Many of these relate directly to human psychology, but from a much different angle than we're used to viewing them. For example: dogs are pack animals. This means that their very survival is dependent upon the well-being of the group. While each member is an integral part of the "organiza-tion," no single member can be more important than the overall mission of the group without compromising everyone's survival. It is the same in any group of people united by a larger cause: developing a mutually beneficial relationship between the "pack" and each of its members is what creates proper balance and ensures sustainable progress.

  • The Nature of High-Performers While many people may not identify themselves as "high-performers," the truth is we are all capable of blowing the doors off of what we've done in the past... and it all begins with unearthing the assets we already possess. Everyone has — at some point — experienced a state of "flow" where they tapped in to a higher level of functioning and creativity that allowed for tremendous yields without the herculean effort normally associated with such results. In this talk, Brian focuses first on identifying personal resources and then eliciting ways to more consistently function from a position of strength. Next, he focuses on motivating individuals to challenge what is possible, and anything they've accepted for, and from, themselves which isn't in keeping with their true potential. Lastly, Brian discusses the fundamental mindsets shared by high-performers — from top artists, salespeople, CEOs, entrepreneurs, spiritual thinkers, and elite athletes — and offers accessible and pragmatic daily practices that anyone can use to attain greater levels of performance and fulfillment.


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In addition to Speaking services, we offer high-powered Training and Workshop options that allow your organization to leverage Brian's expertise to boost employee engagement, productivity, creativity, and job satisfaction.

Are you looking to:

  • Provide educational and developmental opportunities for your team?

  • Increase the quality of work being generated and have it be consistently produced?

  • Disrupt stagnant thinking and stimulate shifts in perspective to enhance creativity and collaboration?

  • Help your people find — and bring out — their gifts and strengths so they are maximally engaged and effective?

Brian believes that people are any company's greatest assets, and he can help your team identify personal roadblocks and ignite real change as they discover how to engage their most powerful inner resources. The result? A synergistic atmosphere where people truly value one another — one where teams begin to flow because they recognize their real strength lies in the compounding effect created by the integration of their talents.

Contact us now for a free consultation and learn how Bergford Performance Systems can help your organization accomplish far more with less effort. Our trainings and workshops are dynamic, entertaining, and deliver the most meat-per-minute of any you'll find! We'll take the principles that make our systems so effective and tailor them for your specific application. We realize that for a program to be effective, it must go beyond disseminating knowledge: it must affect change in the people who are the lifeblood of your organization. If you are ready to provide your people with an experience they will not forget, and one that will significantly advance the collective mission, connect with us today!


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