History is replete with achievers who had everything going for them… until they face-planted and lost it all.

[Cue mental footage of a well-known celebrity, or some business mogul’s life burning down on television for the entire world to see]

But let's bring this closer to home: Have you ever wanted something so bad that you took things a little too far?

Maybe you wanted a promotion so bad that you “casually mentioned” something that wasn’t entirely true about one of your coworkers (who was better qualified for the role you wanted) in front of the person responsible for deciding who would be promoted.

And… you got the promotion, but to this very day you still don't feel right about it.

Or maybe you put so much emphasis on your career that other, more important, things (like, say, your physical health or intimate relationship) took a nosedive.

Perhaps you broke some rules in your sport, or hid information from your competitors because you put your love of winning above honesty and contribution.

There’s a million different ways that "soul selling for victory" can manifest.

It’s an easy trap to fall into if you’re naturally wired for growth and achievement. Trust me - I know. And I fell into this trap plenty of times in the past before I finally put a fix in place.

Let me share this simple fix so you can immediately deploy it, and wipe that out that dastardly soul selling devil for good: Decide that every step you take from now on is going to be rooted in personal integrity.

In other words, refuse to let greed for accomplishment hijack your decisions ever again; Always keep your higher self in the driver’s seat.

This is a personal decision that anyone can make (or not).

If you do make this all-important decision, it's going to require you to exercise tremendous self-control at times, but it’s well worth knowing that your victories didn’t come by way of soul selling.

Added bonus: you’ll be able to sleep soundly at night.

Sure, you might not make it as far as some of the “others” out there who will lie, cheat, and steal their way to the top, but you’ll still have your self respect at the end of the day…

And that’s priceless.

Do you think that having a proven system in place for creating clockwork performance and growth, while operating from a place of personal integrity is important? Essential, even? If you do, I am in full agreement.

It’s why I spent over 6 months building my online masterclass, Performance Reignited. I wanted to make the system I’d developed over the course of many years available to top performers who were still hungry for more (even if they felt like they had lost their edge).

For more info on said masterclass, email me at info@bergfordperformance.com and I’ll get you all the details.

- Brian Bergford