Once upon a time, my wife was giving me a hard time about not wanting to partake in a Swedish massage while we were on vacation. She proceeded to extol its virtues – the relaxation it would provide, the fact that it would be a couple’s massage we could enjoy together, yada, yada – and I soon relented.

I actually found the experience pleasant, and while on vacation it was fine. But just as I also enjoy lounging in a chair by the pool for hours on end while on holiday, Swedish massage is definitely not something I would choose to invest in as a primary modality for bodywork. “Why” you might ask?

Because I’m obsessed with peak performance, not pleasure.

If I’m going to invest in bodywork, Swedish massage might feel nice, but it just isn’t going to get the job done performance-wise. Athletes need to keep their bodies tuned to the highest levels possible. As such, any type of massage or bodywork I’m going to regularly invest in needs to be something that’s actually going to help my body be in its absolute best condition.

I couldn’t care less if it “feels good.”

I don’t even mind if it’s downright painful at times.

All I really care about is finding a professional who’s going to dig in and identify where my body is out of balance and then help me get it back on track - I want to work with someone who’s a master at that.

It’s the same with my roster of coaching clients, which is primarily comprised of athletic executives and business owners. These people have a ton of drive, and regularly experience insane levels of demand placed upon their time, their bodies, their psychology, and their leadership. And when these people seek out coaching, they don’t go looking for a “life coach.”

There’s nothing wrong with life coaching, don’t get me wrong. It’s just not what I provide.

I’m the guy who’s going to dig in and work with you to make sure you enjoy life and perform at the highest levels possible.

It’s like deep-tissue work for your life and dreams – it won't always “feel good” in the moment, but it feels absolutely fantastic when you’re winning on the playing field of life. Helping people experience that is my passion.

So if you’re looking for the “Swedish massage” of personal coaching, I am absolutely, positively not your guy.

But if you’re serious about finding someone who understands the psychology of the world’s best performers, and can coach you to greatness and personal fulfillment through mastery of your mental game, we need to talk. Book a free 10-minute No BS call with me here to see if we’d be a good fit. You can also check out my Performance Reignited masterclass designed for high-achievers who need to get their edge back by clicking here.

- Brian Bergford